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Helpful resources for health professionals

Medical & Legal Considerations
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Helpful resources for health professionals

Emerging Minds | How does being trans contribute to a child’s mental health?

headspace | Gender Identity and Mental Health

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne | Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines for trans and gender diverse children and adolescents

TransHub (ACON) | Information for clinicians

TransHub (ACON) | 10 tips for clinicians working with trans & gender diverse people

TransHub (ACON) | What questions to ask?

The Gender Centre Inc [New South Wales] | Service providers

TransFolk of WA [Western Australia] | Resources for clinicians

La Trobe University | Private Lives 3: The health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ people in Australia

La Trobe University | Writing Themselves In 4: The health and wellbeing of LGBTQA+ young people in Australia

Inner City Legal Service [New South Wales] | Transgender children and medical treatment: The law

The Gender Centre Inc | It’s Not Rocket Science: Policies & Procedures for services working with transgender clients

Orygen | Trans and gender diverse young people: Building the knowledge and skills of youth mental health professionals

World Professional Association for Transgender Health | World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care

American Psychologist [USA] | Guidelines for psychological practice with transgender and gender nonconforming people

American Psychiatric Association [USA] | DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)

Independent Health and Aged Care Pricing Authority | International Classification of Diseases

Transitioning – Medical affirmation

TransHub (ACON) | Medical affirmation

Australian Psychological Society | Transgender people and fertility preservation

The Age | UK gender clinic closure does not mean change needed in Australia

General information about gender diversity

ABC Everyday | What does it mean to be non-binary?

TransHub (ACON) | Is being trans a new thing?

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby [Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care] | Gender roles and identity in children

Orygen | Trans and gender diverse young people

LGBT Health & Wellbeing [UK] | Transgenderism in ancient cultures

Cade Hildreth [USA] | The Gender Spectrum: A scientist explains why gender isn’t binary

K. Sanbonmatsu [USA] | The biology of gender, from DNA to the brain

TransHub (ACON) | Young children

TransHub (ACON) | Teenagers

Scientific American [USA] | Stop using phony research to justify transphobia

Emerging Minds | Supporting trans and gender diverse children and their families

Central Toronto Youth Service [Canada] | Families in Transition

Victorian Government | LGBTIQ+ Language Guide

LGBTI Health Alliance | Inclusive Language Guide

The Age | Early support vital for young transgender people

forbes.com [USA] | Transgender Children Recognize Their Authentic Gender At Early Age, Just Like Other Kids

The Atlantic [USA] | Young Trans Children Know Who They Are

Vox [USA] | What’s so scary about a transgender child?

First Nations Australians and other People of Colour

Transcend Australia | Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

TransHub (ACON) | Trans Mob

Trans101.org.au | People of colour

Western Sydney University | Free2Be..Yet?: The second national study of Australian high school students who identify as gender and sexuality diverse

Legal information (discrimination)

Australian Federal Government | Sex Discrimination Act 1984

The Gender Centre Inc | Anti-discrimination information

Transcend Australia | Discrimination & Legal Matters

The Gender Centre Inc | Concerns for trans clients

Australian Human Rights Commission | Sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status discrimination

Support for homeless youth

Transcend Australia | Support for homeless youth

TransFolk of WA [Western Australia] | Where can I go?


Transcend Australia | Healthy Relationships Guide

Minus18 | Next Generation Pride: LGBTQIA+ youth consultation report

Minus18 | Young & Queer Report: Youth driven ideas for a better Victoria

Trans101.org.au | Relationships, Sex & Sexuality

Gender diversity awareness training

North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network and the University of Melbourne [National] | Online training modules for primary health and mental health professionals

A Gender Agenda [Australian Capital Territory] | Training & Education

A Gender Agenda [Australian Capital Territory] | Localised advice and connections

The Gender Centre Inc [New South Wales] | Education and training

NT AIDS and Hepatitis Council [Northern Territory] | Education and Training

True [Queensland + eLearning] | Establishing safe, supportive environments for LGBTIQ people

Australian Transgender Support Association Queensland [Queensland] | Contact for advice on available training

Shine SA [South Australia] | Educators and Schools – Relationships & Sexual Health Education

Diversity and Inclusivity training

Working It Out [Tasmania] | Working It Out

Minus18 [Victoria] | Training workshops > Schools

TransFolk of WA [Western Australia] | Trans101 Workshop

Freedom Centre [Western Australia] | Workshops and Training

WAAC [Western Australia] | Education and Capacity Building


Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne | Gender Dysphoria

Raising Children Network | Gender identity, gender diversity and gender dysphoria: Children and teenagers

Raising Children Network | Gender identity, diversity and dysphoria: Supporting your child

AutoStraddle | 25 things I do to make my dysphoria smaller and quieter, by Kate

Minus18 | What Is Dysphoria and How Do You Alleviate It?

Telethon Kids Institute | Coping With Gender Dysphoria