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Communicating with other parents

Helpful wording to guide you through communicating with other parents.

This resource offers a script on how to start the conversation. Of course, you can tailor the wording to suit your situation.

Friends, Family & Allies
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  • ‘<Name> is encouraged to dress however [she / he likes / they like]. We teach [her / him / them] that toys and clothes don’t have genders, and encourage [her / him / them] to play with whatever [she’s / he’s / they’re] interested in.’
  • ‘While <name> is with you, [she / he / they] might need your assistance to go to the toilet. Because of this, I will let you know that [she is / he is / they are] gender diverse, which means that [she has / he has / they have] use the [girls / boys] bathroom.’
  • ‘[She / He / They] can take themself to the toilet, but are very conscious of privacy and [her / his / their] body. Can you please make sure that [she has / he has / they have] complete privacy for [toileting / getting changed]?’
  • ‘Please just treat [her / him / them] like any other [girl / boy]!’
  • ‘It shouldn’t make any difference to their friendship to <other child>.’

Regarding sleepovers

  • ‘Before we book in the sleepover, I need to let you know that <name> is [transgender / gender diverse / non-binary]. [She’s / He’s / They’re] a just a regular [girl / boy].’
  • ‘Please could you not ask [her / him / them] any questions about [her / his / their] gender or body. It might make [her / him / them] feel uncomfortable or unsafe.’
  • ‘At this stage, we would prefer to keep <name>’s gender diversity confidential. Are you comfortable withholding this information from <other parent’s child/ren> please? I would rather not have other children at school finding out, as it could cause bullying or other risky situations for <name>.’
  • ‘To avoid any unwanted questions from <other parent’s child/ren>, I would prefer that <name> has a private space in which to change clothes and bathe.’

You may also find our resource on talking to family and friends about your child’s gender identity helpful.