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Formal template to inform existing extra-curricular providers about your child’s gender identity

Simply tailor the template to your specific circumstances to create a personalised letter or email.

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<Your full name>

<Contact’s name>

To [whom it may concern / <contact name>],

I am writing to inform you that [my son / my daughter / the young person] – who you previously knew as <young person’s previous name> is gender diverse.

[Her / His / Their] gender identity does not align with the [female / male] gender they were assigned at birth, and [she identifies / he identifies / they identify / <other>] as <gender identity>, which means [her / his / their / <other>] gender is [female / male / a mix of female and male / neither female nor male / <other description>].

Being gender diverse is just one example of natural human diversity. Research shows when a young person’s gender identity is affirmed, it can have powerfully positive impacts on their mental health and wellbeing.

I trust you will be happy to work with us and commit to taking appropriate actions to affirm <Name> and [her / his / their / <other>] <name>’s gender at school. I have detailed the first steps below.

Request to change record of personal details

[She is / He is / They are / <Other>] currently on record with you as: <Young person’s previously listed name>
[Her / His / Their / <Other>] preferred name is: <new name>
[Her / His / Their / <Other>] personal pronouns are: [She/Her/Hers / He/Him/His / They/Them/Their / <Other>]
[Her / His / Their / <Other>] legal name is: <legal name>

I would like to request that [her / his / their / <other>] details be updated in your records accordingly.

[I enclose a certified copy of <name>’s new Birth Certificate / Change of name Certificate / An updated Birth Certificate has been ordered and will be supplied to you once received.]

Your responsibility to provide safe, gender-affirming care

I trust that all staff will make their best efforts to use <Name>’s correct name and pronouns at all times, and that if any educators or staff notice anyone using an incorrect name or pronouns, to please correct that person immediately. I understand that this is an adjustment that can take time to get used to and understand that mistakes can happen. In this case, a simple and sincere apology to <Name> would be most appreciated.

I request that, in line with Australian legislation, <name> has the freedom to access the [girls / boys / disabled / staff] toilet facilities and change rooms, and be kept safe from bullying or harassment from other students when doing so. [She / He / They / <Other>] may also be in the [girls / boys] group for sports or other activities.

For your reference, [I have attached / I have enclosed / here is a link to] the Australian Sex Discrimination Act (1984), which details in Section 5B my child’s right to not be discriminated against on the grounds of [her / him / them / <other>] gender identity. In Section 22, [her / his / their / <other>] rights to goods, services and access to facilities is detailed

Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to working together to support <Name> and [her / his / their / <other>] mental health and wellbeing during [her / his / their / <other>] gender transition. If you have any questions, please contact me at <your phone number> and <email>. If you need professional, specialist advice, have questions, or just want to talk through your approach, contact Transcend Australia or email them at families@transcendaus.org.

<your signature>

<your full Name>