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Communicating with day care

Helpful wording to guide you through communicating with your day care or kindergarten provider.

This resource offers a script on how to start and continue the conversation. Of course, you can tailor the wording to suit your situation.

Education & Recreation
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  • ‘<Name> has been displaying signs that they may be gender diverse.’
  • ‘<Name> has let us know that they’re <gender identity> and not a [girl / boy].’
  • ‘They would like to try using the name <chosen name> and <pronouns>. Can you please let all staff and educators know?’
  • ‘I want <name> to feel comfortable to explore [her / his / their] identity.’
  • ‘I’d like to let you know that <name> is gender diverse. [She doesn’t / He doesn’t / They don’t] require any special treatment, apart from access to private toileting facilities. Other than that, [she’s / he’s / they’re] a regular [girl / boy].’
  • ‘Young children are usually understanding about innate gender. But if you notice any of the children saying <name> can’t wear certain clothes or play with certain toys, will you be happy taking time to educate the group that clothes and toys don’t have genders?’
  • ‘You’re not obliged to tell any other children or their parents that <name> is [trans / gender diverse / non-binary]. I’d like to request that you keep that information confidential unless I give my permission to share it.’
  • ‘Instead of dividing children up into “girls” and “boys” groups, would the school consider other options? They could be divided according to the month in which they were born; by the first letter of their name; or just by numbering each child randomly and creating teams from the numbers.’
  • ‘There are a couple of helpful resources I can share with you about how to talk to young children about gender and about people who are gender diverse. Would you like me to forward them to you?’