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How are transgender and gender nonconforming youth affected by the news? A qualitative study

Research Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing
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Authors: Pham, A., Morgan, A. R., Kerman, H., Albertson, K., Crouch, J. M., Inwards-Breland, D. J., Ahrens, K. R., & Salehi, P.

Date of publication: 2020

Journal: The Journal of Adolescent Health

Summary: This US study aimed to understand how 23 gender diverse young people aged 13 to 19 years react to news stories about gender diverse people. The researchers found that general news coverage of the political climate concerning gender diverse people affected some young people’s gender transition and they sped up the process of progressing their transition due to fears that gender-affirming care may not be available in the future. They also found that negative news coverage had impacts on young people’s mental well-being (e.g. experiencing signs of depression and anxiety) and how safe they felt. Importantly, the researchers also found that positive news coverage of gender diverse people had positive impacts on young people such as feelings of happiness, hope, pride and a sense of community connection. They concluded that, given the varied impacts on young people from consuming this type of news, young people may benefit from increased support from those around them to help them cope with interpreting news.

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