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Have you heard the news? The effects of exposure to news about recent transgender legislation on transgender youth and young adults

Research Youth Mental Health & Wellbeing
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Authors: Dhanani, L.Y., Totton, R.R.

Date of publication: 2023

Journal: Sexuality Research and Social Policy

Summary: This US study investigated the health impacts on 113 gender diverse teenagers and young adults of consuming news related to legislation aimed at restricting the rights of gender diverse people. The researchers noted that much of the proposed legislation coverage related to restricting access to gender-affirming care. The researchers also investigated the health impacts on young people of having friends and family who support proposed anti-transgender legislation. They found that consuming news about anti-transgender legislation was linked to increased rumination (i.e. constant and repetitive thoughts about something) and increased physical health symptoms such as headaches, poorer sleep and stomach problems. They also found if young people felt that their support networks supported such proposed legislation this had an impact on a range of their health outcomes such as greater rumination, signs of depression, physical health symptoms and fear about telling others about their gender identity. Young people also reported other consequences of consuming this type of coverage such as making them less willing to access general health care.

You can read the full study here