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Mental health and resilience in transgender individuals: What type of support makes a difference?

Family Support & Rejection Research
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Authors: Puckett, J. A., Matsuno, E., Dyar, C., Mustanski, B., & Newcomb, M. E.

Date of publication: 2019

Journal: Journal of Family Psychology

Summary: This US study looked at different types of social support and how they influence individuals’ mental health and resilience. The study sample included 695 trans adults and the researchers looked at family support, support from friends, and connectedness to a trans community. Over half of participants reported moderate to severe levels of anxious and depressive symptoms. The researchers found that participants fell into four groups, with one group reporting lower levels of depression and anxiety and higher resilience compared to the other three groups. This group also reported high levels of family support and community connectedness. Overall family support was most strongly linked to better mental health and resilience compared to support from friends or connectedness to the trans community.

You can read the full study here