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Family rejection as a predictor of suicide attempts and substance misuse among transgender and gender nonconforming adults

Family Support & Rejection Research
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Authors: Klein, A. & Golub, S.A.

Date of publication: 2016

Journal: LGBT Health

Summary: This US study looked at associations between family rejection and risk of suicide attempts and substance (alcohol and drug) misuse among a large national sample of 3458 transgender and gender nonconforming adults. The researchers ran analyses that looked at these health risks by the level of reported family rejection (low/moderate/high). Overall, 42.3% of participants reported a suicide attempt and 26.3% reported misusing drugs or alcohol to cope with transgender-related discrimination. After controlling for other significant factors such as age, income, education etc, family rejection was associated with increased chance of suicide attempts and substance misuse. Chances increased significantly with increasing levels of family rejection, such that the risk of attempting suicide more than tripled for those adults who experienced a high level of family rejection. The risk for alcohol or drug abuse also rose much higher.

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