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Affirmation-support, parental conflict, and mental health outcomes of transgender and gender diverse youth

Family Support & Rejection Research
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Authors: Belmont, N., Cronin, T.J., & Pepping, C.A.

Date of publication: 2023

Journal: International Journal of Transgender Health

Summary: This Australian study surveyed 63 parents of gender diverse young people (aged 11 to 17 years) to (1) investigate parental reports of affirmation of their children, with a focus on parental support and barriers to affirmation, and (2) test whether parental support and aspects of the co-parenting relationship predicted young people’s mental health outcomes.

The researchers found almost 90% of young people had had their gender socially affirmed according to parents’ reports, though fewer had taken steps to legally or medically affirm their gender.

Parental support for affirmation was generally very high, and parents reported that co-parenting conflict was generally low although discrepancies between parents were greatest for medical affirmation.

Parent support for affirmation was a strong predictor of lower child depressive symptoms and they found that parental conflict did not have a significant link to children’s mental health outcomes.

The researchers concluded that parental support for gender affirmation is important.

You can read the full study here